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Desktop Master Pro Plus 3.0

Desktop Master Pro Plus 3.0

Desktop Master Pro Plus Publisher's Description

Desktop Master V3.0 Pro Plus

Desktop Master

The main purpose of the aforementioned software is to observe, manage
and control a remote computer in any physical distance, as if the user
is "touching" the remote machine.

Client Side Screenshot

Desktop Master, in opposition to other remote access software products,
is not only supplying the needed control, but at same time it makes
simultaneously text & video messaging possible.

Areas of Use

Remote access applications are mostly used by companies which provide
Internet related services (ISPs, hosting companies,...etc.).
For example, the IT department of a bank which has servers in New York,
requires continuously the access and management of those servers from
a branch in Istanbul. Any company diffused into muliple different locations
may need this software when solving problems and changing configuration

By assistance of Desktop Master Pro Plus, which is an ideal selection for
technical services, a customer can dial the support line of the technical service
through the phone and MODEM, and be a remote access server.In this manner,
the technical personnel can work on the computer as if they were "in customer

Additionally, Desktop Master is appropriate for personal use. For example,when you are home, you can solve a problem of your computer
in your office without stepping out of your house.

With Desktop Master, a communication line can be established between
computers which are connected through a LAN,a MODEM/phone Network or
TCP/IP, so the distance can be overcome when needed.

File transfer is not the only thing that you can do with Desktop Master
Pro Plus. You can fully control the remote control server, even you can communicate
with its current user through real time video conversation. Furthermore, you don't need an Internet connection to use the software between
two computers which have MODEMs installed. One of two computers can be dial-up
server and the other workstation can dial its phone number for remote access

You can easily use the software with help of symbols in client & server
screens. The software is especially designed to afford your needs in a
very simple way.

ITS Desktop Master is a candidate for top lists with its advanced
technical specifications, user friendly and simple interface and light

Besides, this program can handle high rate data compression.
When you wish, you can minimize the program.

A distinctive property of ITS Desktop Master is the aforementioned
bidirectional video communication. To achieve this functionality,it is
enough that at least one of two computers must has a video camera, webcam,
or any video capture device installed. In this manner the two way video
conversation can be set up.
You can use text messaging when needed.

We hope that you seize and enjoy the benefits of this superior remote control software.

Server Side Screenshot
Screenshot Samples

We suggest you "Desktop Master Pro Plus" and "Desktop Master Pro" for your professional needs.

For further information, you may mail,
or contact ITS through web Information Request Form.

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